Discuss The Big Read 2012

They moved everyone that long hot summer fifteen years ago. They needed a new reservoir and an old community seemed a cheap price to pay. They even dug up the dead and moved them too. But four inhabitants of the valley they couldn’t move, for nobody knew where they were. Three little girls had gone missing, and the prime suspect in their disappearance, Benny Lightfoot This was Andy Dalziel’s worst case and now fifteen years on he looks set to relive it. It’s another long hot summer. A child goes missing in the next valley, and old fears arise as someone sprays the deadly message on the wall of Danby: BENNY’S BACK! Music and myth mingle as the Mid-Yorkshire team delve into their pasts and into their own reserves of experience and endurance in search of answers which threaten to bring more pain than they resolve.

‘Hill is an instinctive and complete novelist who is blessed with a spontaneous storytelling gift’ – Frances Fyfield, Mail on Sunday

In On Beulah Height, Hill uses riveting psychological detail to create a chilling tale about the powerful need to be loved, its blind desires and hopes, its illusions and truths…and its deadly consequences. The Yorkshire detective team of Dalziel and Pascoe are on the case, with Hill presenting a flawless blend of mystery, ghost story and psychological thriller.

Intrigued? Join in the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival’s Big Read and discover this compelling detective tale for yourself!

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  1. Alison Cornforth says:

    I found the book fascinating and couldn’t put it down. Ripley is an interesting character and he falls into murder quite easily, only expressing fleeting moments of remorse and mainly for himself. The novel has stood the test of time and Patricia Highsmith’s writing style feels quite modern and not dated. She has created a very intriguing character in Ripley and it is fascinating to see how she develops his character. At times you almost feel sorry for him. She makes you feel compelled to read the series to find out what he does next.

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